Mable & The Wood

Mable & the Wood

Mable & the Wood Xbox One & Switch dates revealed

Triplevision Studios and Graffiti Games have announced that Mable & the Wood is making the jump to both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The Xbox One version will be available beginning September 18t...


Mable & The Wood Review

A sword falls from the sky and embeds itself into a stone block in the middle of a group of men townspeople. Out of nowhere a little girl shows up next to the sword and grabs it. Instantly she turns i...

9 Amazing

Our First Impressions of Mable & The Wood

I have kept it no secrets how I truly feel about Metroidvania games. I LOVE them. Of the games that are on my replay list, Metroidvania titles make up the lion’s share. So, when the developers of Mabl...

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