Celebrate Shark Week with Free DLC in Maneater

It’s Shark Week in the US and Tripwire Interactive is celebrating with a free DLC for its “summer blockbuster, open-world, action-RPG (aka ShARkPG)” Maneater. All players will receiv...


Maneater Review for PC

Sharks are the apex predators of the sea and their reputations are well earned as killers, but mostly for killing animals. With that in mind the developers over at Tripwire Interactive, created an act...

8.5 Great

It’s Shark Week & Maneater devs have a lot to say

It’s always a big deal when Discovery’s Shark Week rolls around. Everyone and their brother finds a way to tie the scary denizens of the deep into whatever they’re trying to sell or ...

PC Gaming

All You Need to Know from the PC Gaming Show – E32018

Welcome to this year’s PC Gaming Show Conference coverage for We will go over the lengthy list of about 30 games that were shown with details for most, web links to these games, and rel...

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