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Anthem Closed Alpha Test

Anthem – Closed Alpha Test Begins on December 8

Bioware and Electronic Arts have sent out a word that the upcoming co-op action game Anthem will be entering closed alpha test on December 8. This testing phase will last only two days (December 8 and...

Lego Tempest

LEGO Tempest Is Ready To Take You To Andromeda

Lego Tempest Ready To Explore Andromeda Flickr user by the name of Sebastian Brückner made an impressive mini-copy of Mass Effect Andromeda’s Tempest from Lego pieces. His work really impressed ...

Mass Effect Andromeda Teases Missions

Mass Effect Andromeda Teases Missions – a crossover reward system for single and multiplayer

Can you believe we’re just two weeks away from a whole new Mass Effect story? And while the Multiplayer beta test was cancelled, it seems the devs at BioWare are doing their best to keep people ...

Mass Effect Andromeda review - softcore space porn

Mass Effect Andomeda is Softcore Space Porn, according to BioWare

Well, there’s a headline we didn’t expect to write on a Monday. You read it right: apparently the partial nudity of previous Mass Effects is gone, and that means we can expect full on digi...

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