Lightyear Frontier Is A Farming Sim full of Mechs

Lightyear Frontier Is A Farming Sim full of Mechs

Frame Break and Amplifier Games unveiled a new trailer for Lightyear Frontier, a farming sim full of mechs and we’re ditching the tractor as soon as possible. Unveiled at the Mix Next Showcase over th...

gundam live action

Gundam Live Action Movie Gets A Director

Gundam, the mecha anime megalith, is set to get a live action film and Netflix just announced the director in the driving seat of this gargantuan endeavour. In an announcement by the streaming platfor...

Get In The Dam Robot and Watch the New Override Mech City Brawl Trailer

It wasn’t all that long ago that we took a brief look at an ode to every oversized anime beat down you’ve ever encountered, called Override Mech City Brawl. Now, The Balance Inc has unleashed a brand ...


Battletech Releases Basics Video

Is robotic combat your forte? Harebrained Schemes the makers of the beloved Shadowrun games has released a video on the basics of Battletech, an upcoming game set to release on Steam in April. Battlet...

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