A Plague Tale: Innocence PS4 Review

Her home stormed by the Inquisition, her parents brutally murdered as she watched, Amicia is left with nothing but her estranged and very young sibling, Hugo, and a perilous flight for her their lives...

9.5 Amazing

Steam High Five: April 5, 2019 Edition

Welcome back to our weekly peek into Steam’s newly released games. It’s probably obvious by now that I tend to steer away from big-ticket releases. Honestly, they have enough exposure, and...

A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Plague Tale: Innocence Shows Off Medieval France

If this time of year has you reaching for a hot cup of generic lemon flu liquid, then spare a moment for the protagonists of upcoming adventure game Plague Tale: Innocence. Just to remind you how luck...

Townsmen – This Is How We Build Our Town!

Imagine yourself in our world back in medieval times. Can you picture yourself as a King, or Queen, and building your city with your loyal servants? What happens if things are going well for you and s...

9 Amazing
Steam High Five Digital Reality

STEAM HIGH FIVE: Digital Reality Goes On

Halloween is done and gone and it’s time to move on. While there are still some interesting looking horror/thriller type games making their way to the STEAM market, we want to break from the fea...

Deliverance Roadmap

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Roadmap Promises Four DLCs

Warhorse Studios, the developers of realistic RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, have shared a roadmap that outlines the new story DLCs that will be coming into the game through the next year.  Kingdom Co...

crusader kings 2

Crusader Kings II Free for a Limited Time

Paradox Interactive is offering epic title Crusader Kings II on Steam for free. Once the game is added to your account it will remain there permanently. The free offer expires Saturday April, 7 at 10:...

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