Hell Pie Pumps It Up With Electric Callboy Collaboration

Hell Pie Pumps It Up With Electric Callboy Collaboration

Hell Pie, the upcoming out there platformer from Headup and Sluggerfly is set to cause a little bit of Hypa Hpya with a new crossover collaboration with the band Electric Callboy. You heard right, com...

player wields a sword as a demon approaches - Metal: Hellsinger has a release date and a demo

Metal: Hellsinger Is An Explosive New Shooter And You Can Try It Now

Funcom just pressed play, confirming a release date and new demo for incendiary new musical FPS Metal: Hellsinger. Whether you’re stuck at home while the rest of your friends head to Download or are s...

Elemetals screenshot

Enter The Pit And Shred Your Friends When Metal Powered EleMetals Arrives On Switch and Xbox has announced that chaotic riff s and headbanging destruction is hoping to strike a chord with Nintendo Switch and Xbox owners when it lands on the two consoles this year. Originally kic...


Ragnarock Is A VR Viking Metal rhythm Game

Put on some Viking metal and pull on your VR headset. Ragnarock is out now and it’s unlike any other rhythm game I recognize. We already know that Vikings and metal are a sublime combination of ...

Gal Metal

Our Gal Metal Review

It’s 7am in the morning, I’m waiting on a flight out of Paris and my latest game is definitely going to get the rest of my fellow fliers snaring. Just a few days ago, Marvelous, Xseed, and unl...

6.5 Fair

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