Microsoft Studios

Forza Horizon 4

Take home 31 new cars in Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is kicking off the holiday in style with the announcement that players will receive a special gift every single day this month. Each and every one of the thirty-one days in December, p...

Xbox One Keyboard & Mouse Support

XBox One Update Adds Keyboard & Mouse Support

The latest Xbox One update has brought the official keyboard & mouse support to Microsoft’s console! Now the owners of the console can play such games as Fortnite and Warframe with the keybo...

State of Decay 2: Can Anybody Hear You?

A safe zone devoid of human life, you hear moaning coming from a crate behind. You stay as still as possible and raise the Louisville Slugger in your hand up into the air. You hope you haven’t been he...

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