Matchmaking Takes on a Whole New Meaning in HotS: MARRIAGE!

Heroes of the Storm matchmaking is used to bring players of similar skills together. However, matchmaking can also mean putting two people together who end up falling in love. HotS has indeed done it ...


Dropzone Update Brings New Game Modes & F2P Model

Dropzone is going free to play on April 12th. In addition to that great news, a big update has been released with new game modes and a lot more. Dropzone free to play? You bet! Anyone with a Steam acc...

Morigesh Update 0.39

Morigesh Joins The Roster Of Paragon Heroes In Update 0.39

Epic Games shared more information about the latest character joining the roster of heroes. Named Morigesh, she is using dark magic in battle to corrupt her enemies as well as to control the battlefie...

Paladins Patch 47

Patch 47 Brings New Skins And Titles To Paladins

Paladins developer team participated in the latest stream for Patch 47. In it they spent time talking about new additions that the patch will bring to the game. Paladins Patch 47 features: Three new s...

Paragon Logo


Paragon is a third-person MOBA developed and published by Epic Games for PC and PS4. The game features variety of asymmetrical maps players will be pitted against each other on. Each map has three ...



Smite is a competitive MOBA developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The characters of the game are gods from mythology around the world, including Egyptian, Roman, Indian, ...


SMITE Hunting Season Update Adds Cernunnos to the Pantheon

Hi-Rez Studios has sent word that SMITE has been updated with Hunting Season. The patch brings a new god into the game as well as a number of other additions. SMITE’s Nature Boy, Cernunnos Cernu...

Heroes of the Storm Probius

Probius Warps Into Heroes Of The Storm

Blizzard has shared a video introducing a new Heroes of the Storm character. Named Probius, this little brave probe is latest specialist appearing in the Nexus. Also, you might already know him from t...

total war arena second dev diary

Total War: ARENA’s Second Dev Diary details the future of the battle game

Just launched today, the second episode of Total War: ARENA’s Second Dev Diary to get an in-depth look at 10-vs-10 battles and how they have been refined to create a unique online multiplayer experien...

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