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NetEase Heads To E3 with total war mobile game - screenshot

NetEase Heads To E3 With Lord of the Rings, Total War, & Naraka: Bladepoint

NetEase Games has just unveiled its E3 lineup and the masses can expect to see plenty of action including Racing Maste, Total War Battles: WARHAMMER, The Lord of the Rings: Rise to War, and Naraka: Bl...

Mobile Games

10 Great Mobile Games to Play with Friends in 2021

All games have their indescribable magic. They allow you to move to another epoch, to completely strange races, and to imagine yourself a completely bizarre living thing, to become a part of something...

Bedtime Games

Top 5 Bedtime Games for Your Smartphone

In these frenetic times falling asleep is an issue for many people. Various forms of insomnia affect people worldwide, and the number of cases has been consistently increasing in the past decades espe...

Mobile Game

4 Fantastic Games for Your Smartphone

Today there are many amazing mobile games that impress even serious gamers. We can all agree that mobile gaming is getting better every year, and it offers really high-quality titles. So, it’s s...

Mobile Games

Innovative Smartphone Games That Show How Mobile Can Go In Unique Directions

The smartphone has afforded game developers the opportunity to go in new and unique directions. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a number of fascinating mobile games developed for smartphones: from...


Top Android Downloads For Casual Gamers

With countless great games available for download in the androids play store, it can be tough to decide what you should be downloading and play especially not everyone wants to dedicate most of their ...

Mobile First Video Games

Will Developers Keep Pushing Mobile First Video Games in 2020?

Not so long ago, everyone knew that if you wanted to play the best games, you needed a high-powered computer or a cool console like the Xbox or PlayStation. The gameplay and software were “resource hu...

Mobile Games

Exciting Mobile Games Still to Look Forward to in 2019

Mobile users have been spoiled so far in 2019. From Dead Cells to Telling Lies, Rogue Legacy, and Witcheye, the year has witnessed several thrilling new games arrive, adding to an already exciting cat...

Android Game Deals

Top Android Game Deals of the Week

It’s the second week of October and the winter is coming along with classes, jobs, and bad moods, but have no worries! Here we have the best game deals from Google Play Store that we think are g...

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