Monster Camp

Monster Camp XXL and Monster Roadtrip XXL Get A Ferocious Physical Release

Monster Camp XXL and Monster Roadtrip XXL Double Physical Double Pack Coming to Nintendo Switch Prepare for a summer getaway with the Monsters on 7 March. Two dating sims with a spooky twist are due t...

doomsday paradise - combat screenshot

Doomsday Paradise Review – A Date Beneath A Blazing Apocalypse

A deadly date, a zombie, incoming disaster, and fabulous abs. Doomsday paradise washed up on Steam during November, but we’ve only just managed the vacation time to get away and try it out ourselves. ...

8 Great
Doomsday Paradise - Tessa wins and you lose the game

Muscles, Monsters, and Destruction in Doomsday Paradise

Doomsday Paradise, a roguelike dating sim where you seduce stunning monstrosities, is out now on Steam. Set a date and clear your weekend. Lemonade Flashbang just launched a gorgeous looking new rogue...

Sucker for Love: First Date

Love Isn’t Just For Halloween With Lovecraftian Dating Simulator “Sucker for Love: First Date”

Get your tendrils ready for a gruesome end to the year as DreadXP announces a new Lovecraftian Dating Simulator titled Sucker for Love: First Date. Announced over the spooky season this weekend, Sucke...

monster hunter rise ships 4 million units party screenshot

Monster Hunter Rise Ships 4 Million Units In One Weekend

Monster Hunter Rise, the latest hack and slash from Capcom, has topped some serious numbers after shifting 4 million units in its opening weekend. Launched worldwide on 26 March, Monster Hunter Rise i...


Raise A Monster When Re:Legend Hits Early Access In August

Re:Legend is coming to PC via Steam Early Access on 30 August 2019. Get your farming gear on because the livestock here is just as likely to breathe fire as lay eggs. Sick of hunting monsters, tired o...

Moi Rai Games and Team17 Join forces, Monster Sanctuary Demo available on Steam

March 26th, 2019 marks a new partnership between Moi Rai Games and Team17, a global games label, creative partner and developer of independent, premium video games we can expect great things. Monster ...

Second Term

Monster Prom Has a Second Term DLC

If you’ve had the fortune to visit Monster High of late then you’ll know that things can get firey when it comes to relationships. When you’ve got hellspawn hipsters and werewolves all going through p...

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