moonlighter 1 million between dimensions

Moonlighter Sells 1 Million And Launches Between Dimensions DLC

Moonlighter, the fight by night dungeon crawler, has sold a whopping 1 million copies and is launching a brand new Between Dimensions DLC. Moonlighter, the charming dungeon looter from Digital Sun and...


Moonlighter Celebrates One Year With Between Dimensions DLC

Moonlighter is one year old and indie publisher 11 Bit Studios is eagerly celebrating with a brand teaser for the Between Dimensions DLC. Developed by indie team, Digital Sun games, Moonlighter challe...

Moonlighter - Friends & Foes Update Adds New Companions

Moonlighter – Friends & Foes Update Adds New Companions

Digital Sun and 11 bit studios have released a new free update for action RPG Moonlighter. Called Friends & Foes, it adds nine familiars who will be happy to aid you during your most dangerous adv...

Moonlighter Review: City of Roguelike

Indie games seem to mostly follow one of two patterns: they either reiterate on an established formula (every Meat Boy platformer out there), or they moosh up a couple of completely different game typ...

9 Amazing

New Content coming for Moonlighter

It’s been a busy time for shopkeepers in the world of Moonlighter. The procedural dungeon crawler come management simulator only just set out to make adventurers pay in May of 2018. Now, developer Dig...


Moonlighter – Selling by day, slaying by night

Moonlighter is a cute and fun game where the player balances the hectic day to day of running a shop in a small town with a nighttime full of deadly dungeon delving. Luckily sleep is not something whi...

8.5 Great

It’s Time to Slay, Loot & Repeat in Moonlighter!

Coming from publisher 11-bit studios and developer Digital Sun is their latest action RPG, Moonlighter. It’s being released across several platforms including Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows...


Action-RPG Moonlighter Launches May 29th

Digital Sun, 11-bit studios, and Merge Games announce a May 29th release date for their upcoming action-RPG, Moonlighter.  Moonlighter follows the adventures of Will, a shopkeeper by day with an aspir...


Moonlighter is coming to Switch!

Keep the Indies coming, Nintendo. During the day, he’s a shopkeeper. At night, he’s a badass adventurer. That’s my life too, and 11Bit Studios is bringing the successfully Kickstarte...

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