moss book II

Moss Book II Is Coming To PSVR

During Sony’s latest State of Play, a tiny adventurer returned as Polyarc announced Moss Book II. Developed by the same studio that brought the original Moss life on PlayStation and PC VR systems, Mos...

Moss Twilight Garden

Moss Unlocks Portals To Twilight Garden

To celebrate the release of Oculus Quest, Polyarc will introduce new story content for Moss. On May 21, players on the platform will be able to unlock and explore the Twilight Garden. The content deli...


Moss Devs Talk About Bringing Quill to Life

The PlayStation Blog has been updated with a fascinating post by Rick Lico, Animation Director for Polyarc, the studio that recently released the smash hit “Moss”. The main protagonist in ...

Moss review

Moss Review

Moss is a charming and fun mixture of aspects of both Redwall and Neverending Story but also feels refreshingly fresh. Polyarc has managed to combine concepts from a lot of other VR games and make it ...

9.5 Amazing

Polyarc’s Moss E3 Debut Trailer

At E3 2017’s PlayStation showcase, Sony unveiled a unique looking PSVR game called Moss from Polyarc Studios. In it, players take on the role of a seemingly omnipotent being that must help the h...

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