Murderous Pursuits

murderous pursuits mobile

Murderous Pursuits Comes To Mobiles

Murderous Pursuits, the stealth strategy murder party game is now slashing it’s way onto mobile devices thanks to Netease. Originally developed by Glasgow based Blazing Griffin, and launched on PC bac...

Murderous Pursuits

PAX East 2018 – Killing time in Murderous Pursuits

Stealth, intrigue, and pure murderous fun is the best way to describe this game. Murderous Pursuits is a fantastic multiplayer game that lit up the floor at PAX. Imagine if Clue met Titantic and broug...

Murderous Pursuits

ICYMI: Prepare to kill with class in Murderous Pursuits

Blazing Griffin has announced their latest game Murderous Pursuits is coming to Steam.  If you’ve ever played The Ship then you know who Blazing Griffin is. They’re seeking to invite playe...

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