Designing Dragons And Internet Orchestras With Guild Wars 2’s Maclaine Diemer

If you’re a newcomer to the world of Tyria then let me quickly cement what Guild Wars 2 is all about. Besides the awesome achievements, the battles in the Mists, and some pretty despicable gods, it’s ...

Play Fuser For Free

Play Fuser For Free This Weekend

It’s a weekend of freebies and Fuser is in on the action as the musical mayhem goes free to play this weekend. Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to get the decks ou...

fuser drops a free demo

Fuser Drops A Free Demo And Future Roadmap

Fuser, the newest musical adventure from Harmonix and NCSoft, just dropped a free demo on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC formats as well as revealing what’s coming for aspiring DJs. It’s not lookin...

persona soundtracks spotify

Let The Persona Soundtracks Steal Your Heart On Spotify

Fans of the Persona franchise will have some brand new sounds to see in the new year as the music from this iconic series presses play on Spotify tomorrow. Available from midnight on 5 January 2021, a...

fuser nintendo switch pre order

Fuser Pre Orders Drop On Nintendo Switch

Fuser, NCSoft’s festival from home, has pressed play on pre orders on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Set to indulge all our missing summer festival experiences, and mixing in a new twist on the interactiv...

Strobophagia Rave Horror

Strobophagia Rave Horror Is Scaring Up a Psychedelic Horror On Steam Today

Strobophagia Rave Horror is set to kick off a very different type of horror experience as it presses play on the Steam Store today. Out now on PC, this brand new horror experience from indie outfit Gr...

screenshot from avicii invector encroe edition for nintendo switch

AVICII Invector Encore Edition Out Now On Nintendo Switch

Time to turn it up as AVICII Invector Encore Edition has launched for the first time on Nintendo Switch. Wired Productions and Hello There Games have bundled together the very best of the AVICII serie...

giraffe and annika

Giraffe and Annika Out Now on Console

Get ready to join the adorable Giraffe and Annika on an adventure as this brand new title lands on Spica Island. Out now in North America and sailing in on 28 August for European games, Giraffe and An...

Rising Star 2 giveaway

Rising Star 2 Review – An Interesting Second Album

If you’ve ever spent your evening watching your Sims play rock star int heir front rooms or figured that a case of King complex wasn’t quite enough musical interaction for your top-down strategy, find...

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