BPM: Bullets Per Minute Comes To Console Next Month - screenshot of shooting in a dungeon

BPM: Bullets Per Minute Comes To Console Next Month

BPM: Bullet Per Minute comes to console next month, bringing this rhythmic shooter to PlayStation and Xbox systems on 5 October. Following on from an initial PC launch via Steam, BPM: Bullets Per Minu...

soundfall screenshot of comabat

Soundfall Shows Off A New Gameplay Trailer

Noodlecake and Drastic Games dropped a new trailer for their upcoming rhythm based dungeon crawler, Soundfall. If you’re eager to beat the game, in the musical sense, then the new gameplay trailer for...

the sound of marvel future revolution - picture of orchestra

Listen To The Sound Of Marvel Future Revolution

Ahead of Netmarble’s Marvel RPG going live, we can now all enjoy the sound of Marvel Future Revolution with the release of the Marvel Future Revolution: Convergence Soundtrack. While some of us got an...

stan lepard van lepoard

Guild Wars 2: Stan LePard – A Guiding Hand And A Musical Legacy

Living World Season 2 has just returned to Guild Wars 2. The journey back to Dry Top is something of an opportunity to look back at how far Tyria has come and the individuals that guided the commander...

One Hand Clapping

Raise Your Voice & Save The World When One Hand Clapping Heads To Early Access

One Hand Clapping, a cute indie adventure where you sing your way to victory, is set to hit Early Access on 10 June. Bringing the stage home for PC players, via Steam, One Hand Clapping is something o...

Designing Dragons And Internet Orchestras With Guild Wars 2’s Maclaine Diemer

If you’re a newcomer to the world of Tyria then let me quickly cement what Guild Wars 2 is all about. Besides the awesome achievements, the battles in the Mists, and some pretty despicable gods, it’s ...

Play Fuser For Free

Play Fuser For Free This Weekend

It’s a weekend of freebies and Fuser is in on the action as the musical mayhem goes free to play this weekend. Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to get the decks ou...

fuser drops a free demo

Fuser Drops A Free Demo And Future Roadmap

Fuser, the newest musical adventure from Harmonix and NCSoft, just dropped a free demo on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC formats as well as revealing what’s coming for aspiring DJs. It’s not lookin...

persona soundtracks spotify

Let The Persona Soundtracks Steal Your Heart On Spotify

Fans of the Persona franchise will have some brand new sounds to see in the new year as the music from this iconic series presses play on Spotify tomorrow. Available from midnight on 5 January 2021, a...

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