synth riders

Synth Riders Gets Fit and A Free Music Update

Rhythm game Synth Riders is getting an interesting new addition. Not content busting out breakbeats, this popular VR title is due to get new tunes and YUR.FIT integration. While Just Dance is looking ...

Muse Dash

Muse Dash Beats Expectations In Our Review

Muse Dash is about to blast onto your screens and it is loud. After launching on mobile in mid-2018, this change of tempo brings cute visuals and an upbeat eastern aesthetic to PC and Nintendo Switch....

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No Straight Roads

No Straight Roads Strikes Up The Band in 2020

No Straight Roads blew us away when it took to the stage at EGX Rezzed just a few months ago and now we know when the concert kicks off. No Straight Roads is coming early 2020. Coming to PC and PlaySt...

HELM Audio True Wireless Review

HELM Audio True Wireless Headphones Review

The world of true wireless earbuds is ever expanding and it’s no wonder. Once you’ve discovered the freedom of going completely wire-free, it’s hard to go back. Today, we’re looking at an exciting new...

Chime Sharp

Chime Sharp Picks Up The Beat on Switch

Chime Sharp, looks like Tetris got genetically spliced with a music synthesizer, dropped into a hypnotic dream, and covered neon. Now, this challenge is out on Nintendo’s Switch. The follow up to Chil...

The Best Steam Releases This Week

Summer. Let’s try that again. SUMMER! If you’re a minor in the US, you most likely have a couple of months of meaningless and mindless nothing to focus on and give your brains a recharge. ...

Muse Dash Is About To Put Rhythm on A Platform

It’s no surprise to anybody here at Gamespace that I adore anything title that’s bright, unusual, Japanese. So when X.D. Network announced Muse Dash was coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in June, I was...

No Straight Roads

EGX Rezzed 2019 There Are No Straight Roads To Rock

As I stepped away from Rad, its electronic synth waves still ringing in my ears, it seemed like a great opportunity to overthrow EDM and get hands-on with something new at EGX Rezzed. Developed by Met...

Ape Out

Break Out With Our Ape Out Review

In the opening moments of 2019, we’ve seen an avalanche of AAA titles land on our doorstep here at Gamespace. That might be a cause for celebration but follow the trail of devastation, crushed hopes, ...

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