Conqueror's Blade

Conqueror’s Blade players invited to Seize the Crown has a new challenge for its Conqueror’s Blade players: Get out there and Seize the Crown! It seems easy enough until it’s realized that everyone is out there doing the same thing! D...


The upcoming Skyforge Firestarter class is really hot

Next month, Skyforge will get receiving the Ignition update for both PS4 and PC that will bring a hot new class into the game. The Firestarter is a ranged damage dealer that use, you guessed it: Fire ...

Conqueror;s Blade Review

Conqueror’s Blade Review

This review adds to the review-in-progress released a week ago.  I’ve progressed somewhat, veering away from House battles and focusing more on my own character progression.  I’ve had a lot of fun exp...

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Conqueror's Blade Review in Progress

Conqueror’s Blade Review in Progress

Conqueror’s Blade, a new free-to-play, medieval warfare game from Booming Games and My.Games has much to offer players hungry for an MMO Dynasty Warriors or Mount and Blade experience.  Will it thrive...

Evolution 2

Evolution 2 Launch brings Sci-Fi Adventure to Mobiles

While side-scrolling fantasy adventures are great mobile games, sometimes things just need a new dimension. Today, are about to get mobile gamers into the thick of the action with Evolution 2: ...

battle royale mode warface

Warface gets free Console Update – Includes Battle Royale Mode

In a twist that should be shocking to no one, yet another game is delivering a battle royale mode to its players. Though not available on XBox One yet, PS4 players can check out the battle royale mode...

PRESS RELEASE: – Warface Xbox One: Worldwide free availability with timed-exclusives

XBOX ONE EDITION WARFACE IS OUT NOW An Arsenal of Guns, PvP Maps and Co-Op Story Mission “Earth Shaker” Available As The Game Shoots Into Its Free Release Tuesday, October 9, 2018 — Global publisher M...

Armored Warfare

Armored Warfare Rolls onto Xbox One

Almost a year after Armored Warfare invaded the PlayStation 4,’s multiplayer tank battle is due to tread into even more households, as it launches on the Xbox One. Fans of Microsoft’s home cons...


Warface PS4 Preview

From the moment that Goldeneye landed on the Nintendo N64, First Person Shooter has had a home on the console. While PC gaming has always broken down doors and brought the genre into new dimensions, I...

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