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Argonus And The Gods Of Stone PC Review – A Mythological Wonder

I’ve always enjoyed Greek, Roman and Norse mythologies even as a child. Probably in part because I love superheroes and as far as history is concerned these Gods were perhaps some of the earlies...

8 Great
Agent A Promo Image

Agent A – A Puzzle In Disguise Review

Puzzle games such as Myst can be thought-provoking but at the same time come with overtones of seriousness. If you love Myst and its sequels and enjoy campy 60’s-era Spy comedy, think No One Liv...

9 Amazing

Firmament Announced, Follow Up to Obduction

If you’re like me and grew up as a teen in the 90s, and even an adult for that matter, Myst was a big game.  I say big, it was a very…aggravating puzzle game.  Some loved it, some hated it...

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