Netflix Shares Trailer For The Witcher Series

Netflix Shares Trailer For The Witcher Series

Netflix has shared the first full trailer for the upcoming series built around the massively popular book series, The Witcher. The video shows off some of the familiar characters such as Geralt of Riv...

Narcos: Rise of Cartels

Narcos: Rise of the Cartels coming to PC/consoles in November

Kuju and Curve Digital have announced the release window for Narcos: Rise of the Cartels. The game is based on the Netflix series “Narcos” and is set for release on November 19th for PC an...

The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda is rumored to be coming to Netflix

According to, Nintendo and Netflix are working collaboratively to bring The Legend of Zelda to the streaming giant. The series will be a live-action adaptation of the long-running game se...

Netflix’s Narcos getting the video game treatment

Curve Digital and Kuju have announced that they are working collaboratively with Netflix to bring a video game adaptation of Narcos to players in fall 2019. Called Narcos Rise of Cartels, the game is ...

Dead by Daylight

Missing Stranger Things? You don’t have to thanks to Dead by Daylight

Thanks to Behaviour Interactive, fans of the Netflix series Stranger Things don’t have to pine away for the next season. Dead by Daylight has been updated to bring a bit of Stranger Things into ...

Dead by Daylight

Stranger Things is coming to Dead by Daylight

Behaviour Interactive has scored a big win with its Gamescom 2019 announcement that Stranger Things is coming to Dead by Daylight. The asymmetrical horror game has featured a ton of “big names&#...

cuphead show

The Cuphead Show is Coming to Netflix

Cuphead is about to take on Netflix viewers in a brand new adaptation of the indie platformer and we can’t wait to press play on The Cuphead Show. Presented in Cine-sound   Netflix hasn’t been sh...

Netflix anime 2019

Netflix Anime 2019 Teaser Trailer ‘Many Worlds, One Home’

In 2019, Netflix continues to expand its line up of anime. The service has released a teaser trailer that lets subscribers know what they can expect in the near future. In addition to many titles alre...

Stranger Things Mobile

Stranger Things Mobile Game Coming Soon

A Stranger Things Mobile Game is getting ready to cross over and there’s no escaping this new geolocation mobile adventure. In a move that’s possible even scarier than generic fruit based mobile devic...

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