Sonic Prime holds a gold ring - Take A Look At The newest Sonic On Netflix

Take A Look At The Newest Sonic On Netflix

Netflix just dropped something of interest to fans of a certain iconic blue speedster, with a teaser for Sonic Prime. Set to land on Netflix globally in some time this year, Sonic Prime might be some ...

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 x Stranger Things Crossover Mission and a Free Weekend Incoming

Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry 6 will be receiving a Stranger Things crossover event starting on Thursday, March 24th. The DLC is called The Vanishing and coincides with a FC6 free weekend of play...

Teamfight Tactics Update 6.5 Introduces Arcane's Silco

Teamfight Tactics Update 6.5 Introduces Arcane’s Silco

Teamfight Tactics’ most recent update introduced TFT’s first-ever exclusive champion, Arcane’s megalomaniacal villain Silco to the test servers. Players can now try him and his deadl...

DOTA Dragon’s Blood Book 2 Is Available Now

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Book 2 Is Available Now

The second season of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood anime, created in collaboration between Valve and Netflix, is now available. The first season was received warmly by fans and followed the adventures of...

DOTA Dragon’s Blood Book Two Shared The First Teaser

DOTA: Draong’s Blood Season 2 Arrives January 18

The official page of Netflix’s anime DOTA: Dragon’s Blood has been updated with the release date of Book 2. The adventures of Dragon Knight continue on January 18th. The first season was r...


Best E-Game Movies to watch on Netflix

Netflix is the one-stop solution to watch movies based on different exciting genres. In addition to this, the popular video on demand platform allows you to stream movies related to a video game genre...

Teamfight Tactics - Arcane's Silco Is On His Way!

Teamfight Tactics – Arcane’s Silco Is On His Way!

The developers of Teamfight Tactics have that they will be adding the first TFT-exclusive unit to the Gizmos & Gadgets in February, and it will be none other than Silco, the criminal mastermind fr...

Kayko and Kokosh stand in a field - netflix gets another new game

Netflix Gets Another New Game

New Netflix Series Kayko and Kokosh is getting a video game, launching in 2022. Anybody who has just discovered the brand new Netflix animation Kayko and Kokosh will be able to continue their time wit...

Ruined King & Hextech Mayhem Are Available on Nintendo Switch

Ruined King & Hextech Mayhem Are Available on Nintendo Switch

The world of Runeterra, the universe of League of Legends, is getting continuously expanded – be it new stories, games or even animated series. And, for the first time, those stories are availab...

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