Neversong Switch Hero Banner

Neversong Nintendo Switch Quick Hit Review

I have a love/hate relationship with platformers, mostly because I tend not to do well with them. When one tempts me by including my “first love”, music, well then I’m intrigued. Eve...

Xbox Games July 13-17

This Week’s Crop of New Xbox Games – July 13-17

It’s another new week and that means another big new crop of games for Xbox One. There are platformers, a brand new explosive shooter, a farming simulator, and even a new 2D open-world adventure...

Getting Swept Up In Neversong: Our PC Review

Before we can dive into our review of Neversong, we need to talk.  What you are about to read is one part review with a dash of history and a hefty shake of exposition on topics of the title. I give y...

9.5 Amazing

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