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Steam Weekly High Five: Ready to melt faces?

That’s the dream and gaming theme this week not only in space but in the Wild, Wild West and out in VR Castles ready for battle! You could also make a wish on a genie or grab a fun dose of wistf...


Steam Weekly High Five: Flame Throwing Dinosaur or Gatling Gun Rhino?

This week we’re travelling to exotic places, taking care of all the animals or battling them in weird and wonderful ways while trying not to jump over board. While over VR it’s zombie mode...

Portal Knights - new game releases

New Game Releases This Week – May 22nd 2017

There’s a whole lot of stuff out this week, from complex JRPGs (yay Disgaea 5 Complete!) to the mindless fun of Vanquish. Plus RiME, the long-awaited, once thought dead action adventure game, is...

Persona 5 Logo - new game releases april 3rd through april 8th

New Game Releases April 3rd through April 8th

The hits keep on coming in 2017. The new game releases April 3rd through April 8th include none other than the supremely high scoring JRPG Persona 5. But, believe it or not there’s more! Read on...

new game releases march 27th to april 1st snake pass

New Game Releases for March 27th to April 1st

Hello again, world. This week’s new release celebrate the beginning of Spring with none other than MLB The Show 17 (with Ken Griffey Jr!) on the PS4, plus a few other little tidbits that might b...

mass effect andromeda review - new game releases march

New Game Releases March 20th to March 25th 2017

Last week was “Week Before Mass Effect Week”, this week is Mass Effect week. Andromeda is out in less than 24 hours with reviews piling in. Our own for GameSpace and MMORPG are both alread...

Styx Shards of Darkness - review - new game releases

New Game Releases for March 13th to March 18th 2017

This week is what we like to call… “The Week Before Mass Effect.” Are there any huge AAA titles? Not really, but we can all use a break after Horizon, Zelda, and Wildlands in a row. ...

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