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Soulborn - Indie RPG Alpha Trailer

Soulborn – Indie RPG Alpha Trailer

The developers from small indie team Pixelmad Studios have presented the trailer for their first upcoming project Soulborn to introduce players to the closed-alpha phase of the game that can be access...

Possibilities and Probabilities for Next-Gen Consoles

With Sony having just officially announced the name of their next console, the PlayStation 5, we’re all in waiting to see more details announced. As we have already covered, what we know so far is tha...

Xbox Scarlett Cloud

Let’s Talk Xbox Scarlett Cloud — The Rumored Next Gen Cloud Gaming Xbox

I had previously penned my thoughts regarding the PS5, which you can read here. Though, as made evident as this generation has progressed, it is increasingly clear that Microsoft and Sony are pursuing...

PlayStation 4

Let’s Talk PlayStation 5 – What to expect, when to expect it, and more.

Rumors have been swirling of the inevitable PS5 as of late. To me though, this isn’t anything new. I’ve long been a proponent of shorter console cycles, and ideally would have liked to see...

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