Chicken Police - Paint It Red

Chicken Police – Paint It Red Is Coming To Store Shelves With A Physical Release

Chicken Police – Paint It Red, the clucking good cop thriller, is about to bring its noir-inspired tale to store shelves with a physical release. Chicken Police, a mix of film-noir aesthetic and...

Chicken Police Switch Review

Do you consider yourself a fan of detective noir fiction? Do you like games that don’t take themselves too seriously? Do you like dark humor, incredible voice-acting, and stories that keep you u...

9 Amazing
Bear WIth Me

Bear With Me : The Lost Robots Is Out Now

Bear With Me : The Lost Robots continues our rather furry morning’s news as the latest noir point and click adventure from this franchise hits Steam today. If you thought you’d seen it all with kungfu...

Katana Zero Review – Slicing it’s way to your heart

Devolver Digital is great with publishing games that are either way out there or a beautiful indie gem and some things in between. Katana Zero comes from developer Akiisoft as a stylized action platfo...

9.5 Amazing
Ape Out

Break Out With Our Ape Out Review

In the opening moments of 2019, we’ve seen an avalanche of AAA titles land on our doorstep here at Gamespace. That might be a cause for celebration but follow the trail of devastation, crushed hopes, ...

9.5 Amazing

Press Release: Cyber Ops: Tactical Hacking Support

We’ve all played the high-tech covert ops games that pull you into the role of the impossibly stealthy and inhumanly versatile field agent that somehow turns a hopeless, world-threatening scenar...


Weappy Announces This is the Police 2 for Late 2018

Weappy Studio has announced This is the Police 2, something that should please fans of noir games. TitP2 is being prepped for a later 2018 release across all current gen consoles and for PC / Mac via ...

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