Northgard Introduces Free Major Update Kröwns & Daggers

Northgard Introduces Free Major Update Kröwns & Daggers

The developers from Shiro Games have shared the sixth free major update for the Viking-themed strategy Northgard. The Kröwns and Daggers update brings a host of new features, gameplay additions and ev...

Northgard Receives Large Update Adding Expeditions

Shiro Games, the developers of Viking-themed RTS Northgard, have released a large update for the game. Titled Expeditions, it adds a new way to enjoy Northgard content and free cosmetics you can craft...


Northgard expands with Conquest update

Fans of RTS games will definitely want to check out Shiro Games’ Northgard. The company has launched the latest free content expansion called Conquest for PC via Steam. According to press inform...

New Games on Switch This Week

New Games on Nintendo Switch This Week

A new week means a completely new plethora of games coming to Nintendo’s hybrid console. From leading the Vikings into battle in Shiro’s RTS Northgard to embarking on a quest to redeem your fellow Hor...

Northgard - Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

Northgard – Nintendo Switch Announcement Trailer

Shiro Games revealed a new trailer for the Viking-themed strategy Northgard. After winning over PC players, the game is making its appearance on the Nintendo Switch on September 26th! The game can now...


Grab A New Ride in A New Northgard DLC

For Vikings, trudging around the great plains of the north can be something of a struggle. Thankfully, there’s neigh more hanging around for fans of Northgard as the Clan of Horses gallops into a bran...

Northgard Received Major Free Update

Northgard Received Major Free Update

Popular Viking-themed RTS Northgard has received a major free update that introduced a new mechanic, Relics. Additionally, the update expanded the in-game crafting system, reworked the tool mechanics ...

Northgard Nidhogg DLC

Northgard Releases Nidhogg: The Clan of the Dragon DLC

If you have ever had visions run through your head of the glorious pillaging on vikingdom and said to yourself, “Self, what this pillaging needs in more dragons,” then you are in luck. Why is that? Be...


Ragnarok, Northgard’s most expansive update since launch, is now available!

If you haven’t heard of Northgard and fare even mildly a fan of real-time strategy and Norse Vikings you’ve been missing out.  Originally released as Early Access on Steam in February 2017...

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