New Games on Xbox One This Week – Dragons and Time-Twisters

Who likes XBOX? Please, stop, stop, I can hear you loud and clear, and that is why we have a list of New Games on XBOX One this week! Will it be enough to satisfy you? I think so, because we’ve ...


Omensight Pre-Orders Open as a Released Date is Announced

The highly anticipated indie murder-mystery-meets-action-adventure game Omensight receives a release date not too far off in the horizon: May 15th, to be precise. Being praised as a spiritual successo...

PAX East 2018 – Omensight emerges as Best in Show

Are you a fan of Action games? Do you enjoy solving a mystery which will either doom or save the world? Do games where it is not just your choices which matter but the way you do things that matters? ...


Get Hands-on with Omensight at PAX EAST

PAX EAST attendees rejoice: Spearhead Games is now booking hands-on press demos for their upcoming action mystery title Omensight and setting up photo ops with The Harbinger themselves! If that descri...


Omensight – Stop Annihilation as the Harbinger

The creators of Stories: Path of Destinies just announced their new project, Omensight.  By participating in fateful events from different perspectives, you’ll learn valuable information about how spe...

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