Red Dead Online Moonshiners

Red Dead Online – Moonshiners Come To The Game on December 13th

The team behind Red Dead Online announced that players will receive a new, unique path to explore as soon as next Friday, December 13th, when Moonshiners Frontier Pursuit will be added to the game, br...

SongPop Live Available on Google Play

Sing for your Thanksgiving supper. Songpop Live is now available on Google Play, just in time for the family to murder some classics. Freshplanet, developer of the Songpop music trivia series has just...


Roblox Makes More Than $1bn

If you thought the resurgence in Lego toys was something to behold then you might want to sit down. Roblox, the kid-friendly online MMO, has made more than $1bn in lifetime revenue. Originally launche...


Amazon Might Be Streaming Games Soon

Amazon is rumored to be working on a game streaming service of its very own. If CNET is correct then a new competitor has entered the arena. Hot on the heels of the much-maligned Google Stadia, anothe...

battle breakers

Epic Games Blasts Battle Breakers Onto PC And Mobile

Battle Breakers, a cool looking new RPG from Epic Games, has just crashed into front rooms and it’s looking to bring back the joy of Saturday morning cartoon marathons. Available now on PC, iOS, and A...

Kingdom Under Fire 2_Artwork_Class_Gunslinger

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Hands On Preview

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is about to declare war on the west. Don’t worry they’re on our side and we got a preview of this upcoming MMO RTS hybrid before the battle begins. On 14 November Blueside will co...

Destiny's Sword

Destiny’s Sword demo to be released on Veterans Day

2Dogs Games has announced that a playable pre-alpha demo for its upcoming multiplayer RPG, Destiny’s Sword, will be released in honor of Veterans Day and Remembrance Day on November 11th. The co...

out of space

Behold Studios Launches Out Of Space Game Trailer

The creators of Chroma Squad are putting down the super sentai swords and trying out a new genre as they drop a new trailer for Out of Space. This Early Access title is the latest game to come from a ...

override mech city brawl

Override: Mech City Brawl Gets A Mecha Nintendo Switch Port

Override: Mech City Brawl, the robot arena battler from Modus Games, has landed on Nintendo Switch and the mayhem begins today. Taking a towering metal monstrosity on the move has never been easier no...

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