RoboManiac Gets v1.2 New Generation & The First International Server

Yeps! Game Studio has sent out a word about latest update to its hassle-free browser MMO RoboManiac. Called New Generation, it brings a lot of new stuff to the game. RoboManiac v1.2 Features: Conclusion of a season bonuses now also rank up according to their place in the ranking list of the league group Addition of the modder in the trade district Time reduction to speed up the on-going research P...[Read More]

Krosmaga Receives Its First Expansion – Necros & Paladirs

Necros & Paladirs – First Krosmaga Expansion Ankama sent out a word about the first expansion coming for their online card game Krosmaga. Called Necros & Paladirs, it will bring a ninth god, Enutrof, to the game as well as over 150 new cards. This time, the Enutrofs have gone much too far (or rather, too deep)! Through constantly scratching around in caverns looking for riches, they&...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Online brings classic titles, eshop discounts, and more…

Today Nintendo of America unveiled its basic plans for Nintendo Switch Online, the multiplayer service that we’re all currently enjoying for free. In 2018, you’ll need to pay $3.99 a month, or $19.99 a year for online multiplayer gaming with your Switch. But that’ll also net you access to a host of classic Nintendo games (Super Mario 3, Dr. Mario, and more), as well as eShop deal...[Read More]

Rockstar Games Shows Off First Screenshots & Info About GTA Online: Gunrunning Content Expansion

Rockstar Games shared the first information and screenshots about upcoming content expansion for GTA Online. Called Gunrunning, it will tackle Southern San Andreas’ illegal weapon trafficking in June.  There will be more details about specific business and research opportunities, details on Mobile Operation Centers with new weapon upgrades, deep customization, weaponized vehicles and much mo...[Read More]

Surf World Trailer Makes You Want to Hang Ten

Surf World is an upcoming game from Climax Studios that literally invites you to hang ten. The video features devs speaking about what makes their game so special. OK, so what makes Surf World unique? First off, the game is a surfing game. It simply doesn’t get cooler than that, does it? But that aside, SW offers players five amazing surfing locations including Hawaii, Australia and more. It...[Read More]

Destiny 2 Teased in Brief Trailer, Set for Big News on March 30th

Destiny 2 fans have only a couple more days to wait to find out more about the game. The very brief video reminds players to be watching on March 30th for the official D2 trailer. Destiny 2 – What do we know? There isn’t a lot yet available about D2 but we do know a few things: there will likely be PlayStation 4 exclusive content, though it may be limited time beta may come first on PS...[Read More]

Destiny 2 Release Date Leaked – Set Your Phasers on PHUN!

Destiny 2 seems to have a release date if you believe leaked images out of Italy. A games site has “accidentally” posted photos of posters sent to promote the game. Spiffy…but WHEN is Destiny 2 coming? While rumors are usually a dime a dozen, this one seems to be pretty credible. The large of the two images shows that D2 will be out on September 8th. This is likely the EU release...[Read More]

Icebreaker Update Is Out For Warface sent out a word about the latest update to F2P online shooter Warface. Called Icebreaker, it brings forth a brand-new narative for Warface Storyline, co-op mission of the same name and more. In addition, players can expect to see new enemies, weapons, achievements as well as improvements and fixes. Icebreaker represents turning point in storyline Players join forces with their friends to ta...[Read More]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic is an MMORPG developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts. The events of the game take place in the Star Wars universe in a distant past from events of the movies. The Sith Empire and the Jedi Republic have a shaky peace. It is up to players to choose the side and class of their character. The game featuers dungeons and raids, PvP zones, character alignmen...[Read More]

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Pro Wrestling World by Spike Chunsoft comes to PC and PS4 after 10 years hiatus. The game offers great customization for characters and the fighting ring. Players can play online with others, bend the rules and participate in multiple game modes. Such as MMA, Deathmatch, Gruesome Fighting and more.

Nintendo Switch Day One Patch adds online features, physical games don’t require install

The Nintendo Switch day one patch adds online features, we’ve been told by Nintendo. This makes sense, of course, considering this new console is supposed to be more “online than ever” when it comes to a Nintendo system. Friend codes and all that are gone too, so it seems likely that Nintendo is finally getting on board with the way things are done with online for consoles. But w...[Read More]

Dead Rising 4 Looms for Steam PC

Zombies and ghouls shake with fear at today’s announcement that Dead Rising 4 is now confirmed for Steam PC. Players will be able to stop the zombie apocalypse starting March 14th when it becomes available on Steam. Dead Rising 4 Welcomes You to Colorado Nothing says “have a good time” more than a vacation to a zombie infestation taking place in beautiful Colorado. You will take ...[Read More]

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