Online Games: More Than a Lockdown Distraction

Online gaming has become more popular than ever during the pandemic that the world is currently facing. It’s a fun and accessible hobby that many people started while stuck at home. Szilvia Sultés exp...


Still on Community Lockdown? Here are Some Movie Franchises to Binge Watch

When the Covid-19 pandemic was announced, almost all countries have announced lockdown. No business establishments were allowed to open, no public gatherings such as concerts or outings, no fitness ce...


Why Stay-at-Home Orders Have Been Great for Gaming

The video gaming industry has been one of the many to benefit from a gigantic increase in overall operations, with gaming sales in the United States reaching an apogee. While there are many forms of o...

Pandemic PC Review

As I sit in my apartment, quarantined like so many others during this confusing period of time, my eyes drift over to Pandemic on Steam. A few weeks ago, Epic Games had announced that they would be re...

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