patch notes

No Man's Sky

No Man’s Sky update adds weekend missions & more

The latest update to No Man’s Sky has been deployed that brings a plethora of bug fixes into the game as well as the new Weekend Missions feature. The patch news was revealed on the game’s...


TERA Skywatch: Aerial Island to take flight on October 15th

En Masse Entertainment has announced that the next big TERA update will launch on October 15th. Called “Skywatch: Aerial Island,” the content expansion brings a host of new features to exp...

Red Dead Online

Legendary Bounties arrive in Red Dead Online

Players who enjoy a good game of cat and mouse will be pleased to hear that Rockstar has introduced legendary bounties in Red Dead Online. The first of 10 upcoming legendary bounties is now live and l...

Battlefield V

Two new maps added to Battlefield V in latest patch

The v4.4 update has been deployed to Battlefield V. In addition to the usual bug fixes and feature enhancements, DICE has added a pair of new maps to the game: Lofoten Islands and Provence. Both will ...

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 devs reveal a laundry list of incoming improvements

The latest Fallout 76 Inside the Vault newsletter has been published by Bethesda. In this weeks’ edition, the community is treated to a literal laundry list of incoming bug fixes and feature imp...


Dauntless invites players to #FactionFight starting today

Starting later today, Dauntless players are invited to take part in the first-ever #FactionFight. During the event, players will “choose a side, equip a sigil, and earn points for their team wit...

Torchlight Frontiers

Life is a bit smoother after Torchlight Frontiers update

The Torchlight Frontiers beta has been updated to bring a number of quality of life improvements and bug fixes to the game. The team at Echtra considers this the latest milestone achievement in the de...

Fallout 76

Vault 94 swings its door open in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has received its latest update that brings a brand new gameplay feature to the community. In addition, there are new ways to show off those shiny, shiny items picked up along the way and pl...

Fallout 76

Latest Fallout 76 ‘Inside the Vault’ peeks at Patch 12

Bethesda has published the latest “Inside the Vault” newsletter for Fallout 76. In it, developers give the community a peek at what they can expect to find in Patch 12. The next major upda...

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