Path of Exile

Path of Exile Sentinel

Path of Exile Sentinel Expansion Launches for PC/Mac

One thing can be said about Grinding Gear Games: The Path of Exile development team doesn’t waste time between announcing an expansion and releasing it. The Sentinel expansion to the popular ARP...

Path of Exile Sentinel

Grinding Gear Games Reveals Path of Exile – Sentinel

Grinding Gear Games has revealed the next expansion for its wildly popular ARPG Path of Exile. Sentinel will, as all expansions do, bring new adventures for players including the Sentinel Challenge Le...

Path of Exile - Expansion Delayed Until January

Next Path of Exile Expansion to Launch in May

If there is one thing that can be said of Grinding Gear Games and the Path of Exile development team, it’s that they never sit back and relax. PoE has one of the most assertive update schedules ...

Path of Exile Announced Controller Support Beta

Path of Exile Announced Controller Support Beta

Grinding Gear Games, the developers of action RPG Path of Exile, have taken to Steam and revealed the controller support beta. With the game having been launched on Xbox and PlayStation a few years ag...

Path of Exile Siege of Atlas

Latest Path of Exile Expansion Leads to Highest-Ever Concurrent Player Record

The PC version of the Siege of Atlas expansion launched into Path of Exile less than a week ago but it is apparently a major hit with the player community. Grinding Gear Games has updated the PoE site...

Path of Exile

Path of Exile – Siege of Atlas Released for PC

Grinding Gear has announced that the latest expansion to its runaway ARPG hit, Path of Exile has officially launched. Siege of Atlas has arrived for PC while console players will have to wait for Wedn...

Path of Exile Siege of the Atlas

Grinding Gear Reveals New Path of Exile Expansion Details

Grinding Gear Games developers were on hand on Twitch earlier this week to reveal more details about the next Path of Exile expansion. When Siege of the Atlas launches for PC on February 4th and for c...

Path of Exile

Next Path of Exile Expansion Targeting a February Release

The Path of Exile Steam page has a brief note from the team at Grinding Gear Games that lets the community know when it can expect the next expansion. According to the timeline update, players will be...

Path of Exile

Six Big Path of Exile Events Ring Out 2021

Grinding Gear Games has announced a plethora of Path of Exile events to bring 2021 to a close. From now through the end of the month, PoE players will have a number of interesting and exciting ways to...

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