PAX East 2018

Guacamelee 2

PAX East 2018 – Guacamelee 2 is awesome and we’ve played it

There are fun games and then there is Guacamelee. This platformer has one of the best themes ever, a Luchador wrestler who is a hero in a village. Juan, our luchador, fights undead in a jungle filled ...


PAX East 2018 – Defector is the James Bond VR Game You’ve Been Waiting For

VR is in a tough spot. It’s extremely expensive to invest in, it’s not something that’s easy to set up for most users, and there haven’t been many great games released on Vive,...

Murderous Pursuits

PAX East 2018 – Killing time in Murderous Pursuits

Stealth, intrigue, and pure murderous fun is the best way to describe this game. Murderous Pursuits is a fantastic multiplayer game that lit up the floor at PAX. Imagine if Clue met Titantic and broug...


PAX EAST 2018 – Mothergunship surprised us in a good way

Another Indie game which surprised me at PAX East was Mothergunship; a bullet hell FPS where the player is trying to take out an alien fleet that’s taken over the world. Before you can assault the mai...


PAX East 2018 – Sky Noon is Read Dead Smash Bros, and it’s awesome

Sky Noon is a crazy high flying western game which brings in some of the best mechanics we saw at the show. We got the chance to talk to developers and sit down to demo the game on the floor against o...

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