Pax Online

Pax Impressions – Rhythm Of The Universe: Ionia

Pax Impressions – Rhythm Of The Universe: Ionia

With just over a week left to run of Pax Online, gamespace took some time to get outside indoors and take on upcoming VR title Rhythm Of The Universe: Ionia. Set in the majestic Ionian forest, this ne...

Destiny's Sword

Create a Destiny’s Sword Character to Fight For You

2Dogs is inviting fans of Destiny’s Sword to head to its Steam page to “wishlist” the game. As a reward for doing so, wishlisters can create a Trooper and be entered into a drawing f...

guts 'n goals pax online

Get Some Guts ‘N Goals At Pax Online This Weekend

Pax Online is nearly here and PM Studios is set to plaster two titles all over your eyeballs. Get set to check out Exophobia and Guts ‘N Goals. Coming to Pax Online just in time for the weekend, PM St...

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