guts 'n goals pax online

Get Some Guts ‘N Goals At Pax Online This Weekend

Pax Online is nearly here and PM Studios is set to plaster two titles all over your eyeballs. Get set to check out Exophobia and Guts ‘N Goals. Coming to Pax Online just in time for the weekend, PM St...

Chasm Comes to Nintendo Switch

Back in July 2018, Bit Kid launched Chasm, an indie adventure that throws players into their first mission on behalf of the Guildean Kingdom. Now, you can crawl into this adventure again when it launc...


Artifact is Coming to Pax

If you’ve arranged time off work, scored some sought-after weekend tickets, and started ticking off the anticipation is about to get a little worse. Valve’s new game, Artifact, is coming to Pax this S...


Get Hands-on with Omensight at PAX EAST

PAX EAST attendees rejoice: Spearhead Games is now booking hands-on press demos for their upcoming action mystery title Omensight and setting up photo ops with The Harbinger themselves! If that descri...

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