Nioh Complete Edition The PS Blog today revealed that Dragon of the North DLC is coming out next week, and then went on to describe in detail what the epic Action RPG has in store.

Nioh Complete Edition coming to PC in November

YES. Finally, as someone who plays PC games more than anything, I’m happy to say that the revered hardcore ARPG Nioh is coming to PC from Koei Tecmo on November 7th. Nioh Complete Edition is pac...

Battle Chasers BG

Battle Chasers Review

This year has been a good year for RPG’s. Great titles have been releasing left and right. We’ve had Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect 3, the recently released Divinity: Original Sin 2 and great indies ...

9 Amazing
Hob review

Hob Review

Hob is a puzzle platformer from Runic Games and a definite change of direction for the team behind the iconic Torchlight 2. This self-published title is a beautiful new adventure out now on PC and Pla...

9 Amazing
Ruiner review


I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that RUINER was shaping up to be one heck of a ride. After spending the time since running, gunning, and murder, death, killing my way through this dark Cyberpunk act...

9 Amazing
NBA 2K18

NBA 2K18 Review

NBA 2K18 is one hell of a basketball game. It’s also buggy and could have used a little more time sorting that stuff out. Frankly, I can’t recommend the game enough for NBA fans, but at th...

8.5 Great
Accel World vs Sword Art Online review

Our Accel World Vs Sword Art Online Review

Reki Kawahara is probably best known for the Sword Art Online series. This phenomenally successful franchise plunges its protagonist into a virtual world without any save points or re-spawns, just a b...

Our Distrust Review

Death encircled me as I crept closer to the door.  My stomach ached from lack of food and I hadn’t slept in what felt like days.  Just moments from death I entered the doorway into a cold and dark roo...

Uurnog Uurnlimited is super weird, and wonderful

Uurnog Uurnlimited is weird. And that’s precisely how it wants to be. Check out the trailer and let us know your thoughts. I for one can’t wait to dig uurn. It’s definitely going to ...

Destiny 2 review in progress beta

A Destiny Veteran’s Impressions of the Destiny 2 Beta

Firstly, I have to admit to being a Destiny player from Closed beta, I’ve logged hundreds of hours in the game. And so I approached Destiny 2 with a bit of a jaded eye. I was pleasantly surprise...

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