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Magic: Legends

Check Out the Magic: Legends Dimir Assassin

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have unleashed a new trailer to introduce Magic: Legends players to the Dimir Assassin. As one would expect for an assassin, this Planeswalker class bri...

Star Trek Online House Reborn - Now Availale on PS4 & Xbox One

Star Trek Online: House Reborn – Now Availale on PS4 & Xbox One

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can now beam into Star Trek Online: House Reborn as the game is now officially available on consoles! Star Trek Online puts you in the captain’s chair of your own ad...


Neverwinter – Vault of Stars Coming March 2 for PC

Recently, the PC version of Neverwinter has been updated with the Sharandar expansion. The retooled Sharandar keeps the flavor of the original but brings some new features to the area including Ruins ...


Neverwinter Updated with Sharandar Episode 1: The Iron Tooth

The Neverwinter PC community has some new content to explore thanks to the release of the first of three Sharandar modules. Called Episode 1: The Iron Tooth, the new content showcases a completely ove...

Magic: Legends

Take a Peek at the Magic: Legends Equipment System

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios have started a new series of blog posts designed to introduce some of the systems included in Magic: Legends. Some of the things detailed in the video a...

Magic: Legends

Magic: Legends Headed to Open Beta on March 23rd

Fans of the Magic series will want to take note that Magic: Legends will be heading to open beta starting March 23rd. The action will take place for PC players via the Epic Games Store and will offer ...

Magic: Legends

Magic: Legends Planeswalker Edition Detailed

Perfect World Entertainment has revealed the first details about the Magic: Legends Planeswalker Edition that players can pre-order to earn some neat in-game items. This new bundle of goodies retails ...

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online Soars Into Its 11th Year

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have announced that Star Trek Online has been updated with its newest season called House Reborn. The update is currently available for PC with the cons...


Neverwinter Team Announces Sharandar Expansion

Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment have announced the next expansion for Neverwinter called Sharandar. Sharandar will be divided into three “modules” that will be released to ...

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