RIG Nacon Pro Compacted Wired Controller for Xbox Review

RIG Nacon Pro Compact Wired Controller for Xbox Review

As a long-time fan of the Xbox controller in all of its iterations (oh yes I loved the Duke too), I’ve been hard-pressed to find any other controller that has swayed me from team Xbox. I’ve seen third...

9 Amazing
Gaming Rig

Tips for Setting Up a Gaming Rig That Won’t Break the Bank

PC gaming is preferred by a lot of gamers because the quality of your games purely depends on the PC you build. The more advanced your rig is, the better performance and visuals you are going to get. ...

Gaming Station

Top Design Ideas To Prepare The Ideal Gaming Station

Gaming has become a big deal. Where once it was frowned upon as a waste of time and a sign that someone was wasting their life away, it has blossomed into a massive and lucrative industry. Before you ...

PC Gaming

How To Build A Budget Gaming System

If you are reading this, then you are probably considering building your gaming system from scratch. Yes, it’s possible, and so many people do it today. You don’t need any special skills to buil...

MMO Gaming Mouse

How to Choose a Mouse for MMO Gaming?

There is so much variety available in the market when you’re looking for the best MMO gaming mouse. Although every gaming mouse has the same primary function, there are some variations from one model ...

Otterbox Gaming CES easy grip controller

OtterBox Jumps Into Next Generation Gaming At CES

OtterBox, the mobile peripheral manufacturer, just unveiled a new range of gaming hardware for next generation consoles. While on the go gaming is something that we’ve seen in plenty of forms the succ...


Professional Review Of Desky Custom Products For Gamers

We work, surf, and play on our computers at home. But gamers, especially professional e-athletes need more than just occasional use of their equipment including all those utilities that come with the ...

Gaming Peripherals

Great Gift Ideas For The PC Gamer

Over the last couple of weeks, we put out our gift guides for both the PlayStation gamer and the Xbox fan. This week we are turning our attention to the best group of gamers around – PC gamers. ...

Improving Gaming

Improving Your Gaming Experience – What You Need to Know

Playing video games can be the favorite pastime ever for many people. There is nothing like the satisfying feeling of coming home from work or school, starting up your computer or console, and then sp...

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