Conan Unconquered Review: First Impressions

Conan Unconquered Review: First Impressions

WARNING: This review is centered around single-player mode, and does not dip into the exciting co-op player experience. As wonderful as I’m sure the multiplayer experience is, (the developers seem rea...

7 Good
Conan Unconquered Is Launching Earlier Than You Think

Conan Unconquered System Requirements – The Game is Launching Earlier Than You Think

The developers from Petroglyph and publisher Funcom have moved the launch date for RTS Conan Unconquered. It is now due to release on May 29th, a day earlier than previously announced. “We’re ea...

8-Bit Armies – The Pixels of War Cometh

The refinery is built Commander, and the barracks are now producing troops to fight the Renegades. Please build more power plants, power is low. Our base is under attack, all forces repel the intruder...

8.5 Great
Forged Battalion

Forged Battalion aims to shake up the RTS

Coming to Early Access in Q1 of 2018, Team17 and the lads at Petroglyph Games are making Forged Battalion, a brand new type of RTS from some of the minds behind the greatest RTSes of our time. From th...

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