The Disney Afternoon Collection Revives Six Classic NES Titles

The Disney Afternoon Collection is a new collection of six classic NES titles. Capcom announced the collection earlier this week that includes classic NES games from the past. The Disney Afternoon Col...

Deer God

Oh Deer God! It’s Headed to PlayStation 4 and Vita in April

Deer God is coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita on April 25th! The game is a successful KickStarter project from 2014. The PC version  is already out so the console announcement means more good! A Horny ...

Battle Princess Madelyn

Battle Princess Madelyn Launched Kickstarter Campaign

Earlier in February we wrote about father’s loving tribute to his daughter, Battle Princess Madelyn. Now the game has started its Kickstarter campaign. The developers are seeking $60,000 CAD to ...

Rain World

Rain World Is Ready For Pre-Orders On PS4

Rain World allows players to take on a role of a lonely slugcat. It is up to you to get through the industrial wastes. Also, try to be a predator and not a prey to bigger creatures. Grab your trusty s...

88 Heroes

88 Heroes

88 Heroes is chaotic and intense 2D Platformer by Bitmap Bureau and Rising Star Games for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. Each completed level or character death will have players take control of ano...

7.5 Good
88 Heroes Switch review - 98 Heroes Edition

88 Heroes Asks You to Strap On Your Thigh-High Boots

Rising Star Games is ready to unleash 88 Heroes on the world. Players need to strap on thigh high boots as well as pull up their skivvies for the big day. What is 88 Heroes? The game challenges player...

Unbox Newbie's Adventure

Unbox Newbie’s Adventure Brings New Meaning to Boxing

Hearing a name like Unbox Newbie’s Adventure makes you think of a fledgling pugilist, right? Wrong. We’re talking literal boxes here in a 90s-inspired platformer from Merge Games. This uni...

Super Cloudbuilt

Super Cloudbuilt – Sharp Shootin’ Free Runnin’ Action for Consoles

PC fans have been able to play Super Cloudbuilt since 2014 and soon consolers will be able to as well. Coilworks and Double Eleven have teamed up to rework the game from the ground up to include depth...

Embers of Mirrim

Mirrim Trailer Shows Dashing, Diving Gameplay

Creative Bytes has released a new gameplay trailer for an upcoming platformer called Embers of Mirrim. You’ll see the main character, Mirrim, performing amazing tricks through tons of puzzles. Y...

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