Large Scale Tech Test

Large Scale Tech Test for Quake Champions to be Open to Everyone

Are you interested in Quake Champions? If so, the Large Scale Tech Test announced by Bethesda should be of interest. Starting May 12th and running through May 21st, anyone interested in playing QC can...


Battlerite – Dragon Garden Map Preview

Battlerite – BattleRekt & Dragon Garden Map Preview Battlerite is a Team Arena Brawler concentrated on action-packed PvP component. The developers announced the return of BattleRekt Tourname...

Mirage Arcane Warfare Bridge

Mirage Arcane Warfare – Bridge Map Trailer

Mirage Arcane Warfare – Bridge Map Trailer Torn Banner Studios shared a new trailer dedicated to a map in arena shooter Mirage Arcane Warfare. Players will be able to take a stroll through this ...


Seris Brings Dark Magic into Paladins with Souls & Shadows Update

Seris is the newest Paladins Champion to join with the release of the Souls & Shadows update. She uses dark energy to help allies, travel in the shadow world as well as taking the fight to enemies...


Waspinator Buzzes into Transformers: Forged to Fight

Transformers: Forged to fight is a bit larger today with the addition of Waspinator. He is a pretty hearty fellow, though he does tend to get beat up quite a bit by others. Still, there is something t...

Paragon Revenant

Revenant Comes To Paragon On April 25th

Epic Games has announced a new ranged ability carry to join the roster of heroes in Paragon. Are you ready to try out this mysterious bounty hunter, Revenant, on April 25th? Revenant joins the roster ...

Brawl of Ages

S2 Games Presents “What Is Brawl Of Ages” Trailer

S2 Games published a new video for its Steam Early Access collectible card arena game Brawl of Ages. The video in question goes into great details aboutthe game as well as how it differs from other ti...


Clutch is the Latest Hero Set to Crush It in Quake Champions

Bethesda is ready to reveal Clutch, the latest character from Quake Champions. This bad ass has spent most of his robot-life in mines crushing rocks along with keeping human masters safe. But now that...

dawn of war 3 assemble your troops

Take a look at the 3V3 PVP in Dawn of War 3 Assemble Your Troops

Just a few weeks from release, SEGA and Relic are pulling back the curtain on the cooperative PVP in Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 3. In short, be prepared for mayhem. Check out the trailer below, which ...

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