project warlock 2 kickstarter screenshot shooting zombies

Project Warlock 2 Kickstarter Is Live

Project Warlock 2, the follow up to an FPS with its own magical twist, now has a Kickstarter Campaign. Remember when we flagged the upcoming dark magic FPS from indie studio Buckshot Software, well Pr...

QuakeCon 2021

Check Out the QuakeCon 2021 Streaming Schedule

There’s nothing that fans of Bethesda games love more than learning more about their favorite games. This year’s no exception with the upcoming QuakeCon 2021. Starting at 11:00 am Pacific ...

QuakeCon 2021

First QuakeCon at Home 2021 Details Revealed

The first details for QuakeCon at Home 2021 have been revealed. The all-virtual event will bring the entire QUAKE community together online to celebrate their favorite franchise while simultaneously r...

quake champions the dark room map screenshot

Prepare To Go Back to 1996 In Quake Champions

Quake Champions, the current iteration of the iconic FPS franchise just announced a throwback map to celebrate Quake’s 25th anniversary. While many of you will be familiar with id’s DOOM s...

QuakeCon at Home

QuakeCon at Home Details Revealed

This year is a first in the gaming industry with the most significant gatherings taking to the virtual space. Bethesda is no exception and the company has now announced the details of this year’...

hellbound demo

Hellbound Demo Is An FPS Fix For Patient Doom Fans

Blazing a trail of destruction onto PC, Hellbound has dropped a demo for that should keep anybody waiting on Doom Eternal engaged for a little longer. While fans of the original demon-slaying FPS migh...

The Top Moments in PC Gaming

Which has been your favorite PC game up to now? While you do have tons of games releasing each year, some games have made a mark more than others. Whether you love playing online with the best casino ...


QuakeCon is Coming for EU and bringing Doom Eternal

Games shows are not always as delightful as we make out, let’s be honest. Hours spent huddled among the masses in a queueing simulator can be hell. Now, QuakeCon is about to bring a new brand of...

Quake Champions: New Content Updates and FREE TO PLAY VERSION

April has brought us a lot of things, warmer weather, new movies in theaters, and FRESH new features and content for Quake Champions. Some of the additions include one of the villains of the game, Str...

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