Real Time Strategy

Anno 1800 Review: Is It Just Another City Builder?

I have fond memories growing up playing City Builders such as the Caesar series, IV being my favorite, Sim City, and an another all-time favorite series, Pharaoh. Spending hundreds of hours on each ga...

8 Great

Pathos Interactive Releases Bannermen Gameplay Video

Bannermen, the upcoming low fantasy Real-Time Strategy title from Pathos Interactive and 2tainment GmbH, is set to launch on February 21. In advance of the release, the team has released a new gamepla...

Northgard gets a little bit chillier with the Winter Festival Update

Pull on your snowsuits and winter hats because Horthgard, the strategic city builder from Shiro Games, has been updated with the Northgard Winter Festival patch. This latest update sees the introducti...

Townsmen – This Is How We Build Our Town!

Imagine yourself in our world back in medieval times. Can you picture yourself as a King, or Queen, and building your city with your loyal servants? What happens if things are going well for you and s...

9 Amazing
Crossroads Inn

Crossroads Inn – Gameplay Teaser

Back in August Kraken Unleashed had revealed their upcoming project Crossroads Inn, a real-time management sim game set in a fantasy world of Delcrys. In Crossroads Inn players will get to build and r...

8-Bit Armies – The Pixels of War Cometh

The refinery is built Commander, and the barracks are now producing troops to fight the Renegades. Please build more power plants, power is low. Our base is under attack, all forces repel the intruder...

8.5 Great

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