realtime strategy


Tooth and Tail

Tooth and Tail is an RTS with a twist: Players lead a deadly army of furry creatures in a quest for food. Factions include the Longcoats, the Commonfolk, the KSR and the Civilized. The objective is, o...

9 Amazing

Warcraft 3 Proving that Great Games Never Age

Blizzard is proving to fans of Warcraft 3 that great games never age. Late last week, a dedicated WC3 public test server went live with a brand new patch. That’s pretty amazing stuff for a 15-ye...


Sudden Strike 4 Released for PC, Coming This Week for PlayStation 4

Kalypso Media has announced the release of Sudden Strike 4 for PC / Steam. The PlayStation 4 version is set to hit store shelves on August 15th. Sudden Strike 4 The game marks a return to the well-kno...


Warcraft 3 Being Prepped for Remaster? New Balance Patch May Herald Announcement

It’s possible that Warcraft 3 is next on Blizzard’s list to remaster. The team has announced a new patch to address balance and map rotation so it’s possible it’s an indication...


Total War Saga Announced, Set to Examine “Pivotal Moments in History”

Creative Assembly has announced a new Total War spin off series called Total War Saga. Each game is a stand alone title that will examine “pivotal moments in history”. Total War Saga ̵...

Total War Warhammer II

Total War Warhammer II Ready to do Battle on September 28th

Creative Assembly has revealed the release date for Total War Warhammer II. The game will be ready to roll on September 28th. Total War Warhammer II The latest game in the well-known series adds a hos...

Titanfall Assault

Titanfall Assault Coming to Mobile Devices Everywhere

Particle City and Respawn announced that a new entry in the Titanfall series is on its way. Called Titanfall Assault, the game offers players a chance to test their RTS skills. Titanfall Assault is a ...

Tank Warfare

Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 Blends RTS & Turn-Based Combat

Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 is a cool game that blends RTS and turn-based combat. It features  accurate WWII strategy wrapped up in a hardcore game style. The historically accurate game will be out on S...

Halo Wars Definitive Edition

Halo Wars Definitive Edition Heading to Steam for PC

Halo Wars Definitive Edition is heading out to Steam for PC later this week. In addition, Windows 10 and XBox One players will also be able to get hands on the RTS classic. Considered a classic, the 2...

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