Red Hook Studios

Darkest Dungeon

It wasn’t a joke! Darkest Dungeon to get PvP

On April Fool’s Day, Darkest Dungeon developer Red Hook Studios took to Twitter to say, “Happy April 1st! Enjoy this sneak peek at our upcoming DLC!” The featured image, as you can s...

Darkest Dungeon 2

Darkest Dungeon 2 Teaser: “The Howling End”

Red Hook Studios published a teaser trailer for Darkest Dungeon 2, revealing that they’re working on a follow up to their challenging roguelike turn-based RPG. In the 37-second long teaser, the ...

color of madness

Darkest Dungeon – The Color of Madness DLC Comes to Consoles in October

The Color of Madness DLC had been out for the PC version of the Darkest Dungeon for a while now. Now, Red Hook Studios has announced that the time has come for the console players to face against the ...

Darkest Dungeon: Color Of Madness

Darkest Dungeon: Color Of Madness DLC Releases June 19th

Red Hook Studios announced this week that Darkest Dungeon: The Color of Madness DLC will release on June 19th on the PC/MAC/LINUX systems for only $4.99! Steam users can visit the Color Of Madness Ste...

Darkest Dungeon – A Walk Into Darkness – XBOX One Review

Enter the dungeons of your family estate as you try to fight the evil within. In this gothic type, role-playing game, stress out as your fight wave after wave of enemies. You have the ability to make ...

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