cris tales

Cris Tales – Extended Gameplay Overview

Developers Dreams Uncorporated and SYCK as well as as publisher Modus Games have shared an extended gameplay trailer for the upcoming RPG Cris Tales. The video demonstrates how players’ decision...

The Falconeer

The Falconeer Flies Onto PC and Xbox Today

The Falconeer lands on PC and Xbox Series X / S consoles today and this new flight of fancy might be worth a look if you are sick of trudging your way through the same old RPG adventures. For any of y...

cris tales release date

Cris Tales Gets Release Date, New Demo, and A Trailer

Cris Tales, the time-twisting RPG from Modus Games, is set to arrive on 17 November 2020. Modus Games has released a bunch of new information on the upcoming time travelling RPG Cris Tales since the P...

Editorial: I Played the Demo and This is Why I Will Wait to Play Final Fantasy VII: Remake

Final Fantasy VII holds a special place in my heart for many of the same reasons it is important to everyone else. It was my first real JRPG and the experience exposed me to storytelling in gaming tha...

Darksiders-Genesis 1 console

Darksiders Genesis Is Out On Consoles

Darksiders Genesis, the latest apocalypse looming over humanity, has just hit consoles today. Heere to woo players on PlayStation®, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch Darksider’s Genesis is a buddy action ...

conan chop chop release date

Conan Chop Chop Release Date Hacked Back

Conan Chop Chop, the upcoming fantasy stick figure sim from Funcom, is pushing back its release date until Q2 2020. Developers Mighty Kingdom are still busily working away on straightening those stick...

Google Stadia Is Not a Free Netflix For Games

Google Stadia Reveals A Slim Launch Roster

The Goole Stadia boots up on 19 November and Gooogle’s game-changing new streaming service has unveiled the games that will launch with the service. Google’s brand new foray into gaming isn’t far away...

Fury Unleashed

New Trailer Gets Fury Unleashed Ready For Full Release

Awesome Games Studio is about to release its unbridled Fury Unleashed on PC gamers and the crack team of Indie devs has dropped a new trailer for this title. The road out of Early Access can still be ...


New Games on Xbox One This Week: Rats and Plagues Edition

Xbox One gamers, rejoice, this weeks edition of “What’s New on Xbox One” is here, with a haughty list of exciting games that are sure to tickle your fancy, and perhaps whatever else ...

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