Age of Empires IV Won't Have Microtransactions

Age of Empires IV Won’t Have Microtransactions

In an interview with PCGamesN, Age of Empires IV creative director Adam Isgreen has been asked about microtransactions in the upcoming game. His response is as follows: “The idea of microtransactions ...

Warhammer 40k Space Marine

Get a Free Copy of WarHammer 40k: Space Marine on Humble

For a limited time, Humble is offering free copies of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine! All that is required to be eligible for getting the game is registering at Humble and signing up for the Humble Bu...

company of heroes

Company of Heroes gets a massive modding update 10 years on

Right in line with its 10 years of warrific service, SEGA and Relic Entertainment today updated Company of Heroes with Steam Workshop, the Eastern Front Mod, and a sale that sees COH and COH2 at drast...

Warhammer 40k Dawn of War III

Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War III Review

Relic’s Dawn of War series has been one of my absolute all-time favorite RTS experiences. I remember, clearly, learning about the Warhammer 40,000 universe through the auspices of my college roommate,...

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Dawn war 3 environments trailer

New Dawn of War III Environments trailer shows off the climes of never-ending war

As we near ever closer to the Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III launch, Relic and SEGA are putting out more and more details. Today, some shiny footage of the environments to whet our appetite. Honest...

Dawn of War III New Trailer

Dawn of War III New Trailer Brings the WAAAGH!

The hype is getting very real for Relic’s next game. Today’s Dawn of War III new trailer brings the Space Marines, Orks, and Eldar together in a story trailer that mixes cinematics with in...

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