resident evil

How Playing Resident Evil Helped Me Beat an Escape Room

I’ve had my eyes on the Resident Evil games for a while now. A self-proclaimed coward, I have wanted to play the series for a long time, but just could never get up the courage to do so. However...

Resident Evil Village Shares Some PS5 Features

Resident Evil Village Shares Some PS5 Features

The PlayStation Store page for Resident Evil Village, the latest entry in the action/horror series, has been updated to reflect more features of the upcoming title. Experience survival horror like nev...

Resident Evil 3 Review

Resident Evil 3 Review: A Beautiful Monstrosity

Return to Racoon City and take on the horrors of your youth. Resident Evil 3 just abandoned all hope and left Mr X behind for the glitz and glamour of the big city. Now we find out if this remake was ...

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Resident Evil 3 Board Game is Coming to Kickstarter

Resident Evil 3 Board Game is Coming to Kickstarter

Tabletop games publisher Steamforged Games announced their partnership with Japanese video game giant Capcom to bring forth a brand new Resident Evil 3 tabletop game based on the video game of the sam...

Video games

5 Best Video Game Remakes You Should Try

Creativity and imagination were always the strongest suits of the gaming industry. Many games never needed amazing graphics to be popular, and enticing gameplay features were enough. An excellent exam...

Project Resistance Will Feature Single-Player Story Mode

Project Resistance Will Feature Single-Player Story Mode

Masachika Kawata, the producer behind the upcoming Capcom’s 4v1 multiplayer experience Resident Evil: Project Resistance, has participated in a Q&A session published at PlayStation Blog. Amo...

Project Resistance

Capcom reveals “Project Resistance”, a Resident Evil spinoff

It’s the Tokyo Game Show this week so there are a metric ton of trailers coming out. Capcom took some time out to showcase some new gameplay footage from its upcoming Resident Evil spin-off, Pro...

Nintendo E3 2019 Conference

Nintendo E3 2019 Conference

During the Nintendo E3 conference, the developers were on stage to reveal new games, content for existing titles and more. Check out the trailers below! Super Smash Bros Ultimate x Dragon Quest XI Cro...

New Games on Nintendo Switch This Week: Assassins and Zombies

This week, Switch gamers that have been looking for some big name titles and long awaited remasters have a lot to look forward to in the form of two high profile games featuring Zombies and Assassins....

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