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Ensemble Stars!! promo picture of the star characters

Ensemble Stars!! Music Opens English Pre Registrations Ahead Of Big Stage Debut

Ensemble Stars!! Music an idol music management game that’s been doing some serious numbers in eastern markets has just opened pre-registration for its English version. Idol groupies and new managers ...

Soundfall Hands On Preview – Beating Our Expectations

If you’re looking forward to Drastic Games upcoming mix of musical mayhem and dungeon crawling adventure, then we dove into the world of Symphonia early for a hands on demo of Soundfall. It’s been yea...

Riot Games Unexpectedly Launched Ruined King & Hextech Mayhem

Riot Games Unexpectedly Launches Ruined King & Hextech Mayhem

Just earlier this week I was complaining about the lack of single-player Runeterra experiences to indulge while waiting for more Arcane, and Riot unexpectedly released two titles for PC and consoles: ...

Hextech Mayhem A League of Legends Story - Check Out Announcement Trailer

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story – Check Out Announcement Trailer

Have you ever wanted to play a rhythm game set in the League of Legends universe? If so, you are in luck! Riot Games shared the announcement trailer for Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story, a fa...


Ragnarock Review! Silly Sounding Fun

Grab your horns, board your longboat, and by Thor, you will bang some drums. Ragnarock launch last month on Steam VR and Oculus and I finally joined a raid to try out this Viking metal rhythm title. B...

8 Great

Ragnarock Is A VR Viking Metal rhythm Game

Put on some Viking metal and pull on your VR headset. Ragnarock is out now and it’s unlike any other rhythm game I recognize. We already know that Vikings and metal are a sublime combination of ...

Giraffe & Annika

Put on your dancin’ shoes in Giraffe & Annika

PLAYISM and Atelier Mimina have announced the release of “a musically charged adventure” called Giraffe & Annika. The game is currently available for PC via Steam, but PlayStation 4, X...

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