valorant mobile

Valorant Mobile Is Coming

Valorant mobile is actually happening, according to yesterday’s announcement by developer Riot. After a year of desktop deployment, a whopping14 million PC players, and a new Duality trailer, Riot yes...

Tales of Runeterra Targon - The Vaulted Road Cinematic

Tales of Runeterra: Targon – The Vaulted Road Cinematic

The developers from Riot Games have shared a new cinematic from the Tales of Runeterra series. Called The Vaulted Road, it shows a young Lunari scout escaping captivity with her Solari lover, and the ...

Valorant - Breach Gameplay Reveal & Cosmetics Detailed

Valorant – Breach Gameplay Reveal & Cosmetics Detailed

Riot Games continues to introduce players to the wonders of the upcoming competitive co-op shooter Valorant, currently undergoing closed beta testing. This time the developers revealed a new agent nam...

legends of runeterra launch

Legends of Runeterra – Official Launch Video Is Here

Legends of Runeterra is finally here! To celebrate the release of the game on PC and mobile iOS and Android devices, Riot Games released a special launch video called Breathe. Face off in dynamic, alt...

Tales of Runeterra Bilgewater - Double-Double Cross

Tales of Runeterra: Bilgewater – “Double-Double Cross”

Riot Games shared a new video in the Tales of Runeterra cycle dedicated to the lawless Bilgewater. Down on the slaughter docks, Miss Fortune springs a trap for wanted criminals Twisted Fate and Graves...

Tales of Runeterra Ionia “The Lesson”

Tales of Runeterra: Ionia | “The Lesson”

The latest in the series of Tales of Runeterra, Ionia – The Lesson is dedicated to Shen, the Eye of Twilight, and Akali, the Rogue Assassin. Akali learns an important lesson from her former Kink...

Tales of Runeterra Piltover and Zaun - True Genius

Tales of Runeterra: Piltover and Zaun – True Genius

The developers from Riot Games have revealed a new cinematic for the upcoming CCG Legends of Runeterra. Starring Heimerdinger, Jinx and Ekko, it is titled True Genius. When Heimerdinger’s latest hexte...

Tales of Runeterra Noxus - After Victory

Tales of Runeterra: Noxus – “After Victory”

The developers from Riot continue pumping out amazing cinematics for their CCG Legends of Runeterra. Called After Victory, the latest of the Tales of Runeterra is dedicated to Darius, the Hand of Noxu...

Tales of Runeterra Shadow Isles - None Escape

Tales of Runeterra: Shadow Isles – None Escape

Following the Before Glory, the trailer dedicated to Garen and Fiora, and The Raid starring Braum, The Heart of the Freljord, Riot Games is back with another stunning cinematic. Called None Escape, th...

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