Robocraft Infinity – A Blocky Creation

The world is in danger and you are on a spaceship with a crafting tool and a bunch of lego type blocks, what do you do? I’ll tell you what you do, you start putting them together to create the best ro...

8.5 Great

Robocraft Infinity: Beta Test First Impressions

2018 brings us a lot of great things including, movies, and games, and new everything. The one thing to look most forward to is Robocraft Infinity. This game is the love child of Minecraft and Battleb...

robocraft beta launches

Robocraft Beta Launches Today, Get Your Starter Pack Here!

After a long and tremendously successful Alpha, the Beta for Robocraft is going live today. Robocraft is an online battler where players construct and customize their own robotic creations… befo...

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