rocket arena

Rocket Arena

Rocket Arena Season 2 Set to Begin Today

EA and Final Strike Games have announced that Rocket Arena Season 2 is kicking off later today. There is a lot to unpack in today’s update including a new hero, new limited-time events, challeng...

Rocket Arena

Have a Blast in Paradise in Rocket Arena

EA and Final Strike Games are inviting all players to head into Rocket Arena to have a “Blast in Paradise” during a special limited-time event. Blast in Paradise is part of Season 1 and is...

Rocket Arena - Season 1 Is Now Available

Rocket Arena – Season 1 Is Now Available

The developers of 3v3 team shooter Rocket Arena are inviting players into the explosive fun of Season 1 that kicked off yesterday. Are you ready to master your hero’s unique rockets and abilities to b...

Xbox Games July 13-17

This Week’s Crop of New Xbox Games – July 13-17

It’s another new week and that means another big new crop of games for Xbox One. There are platformers, a brand new explosive shooter, a farming simulator, and even a new 2D open-world adventure...

rocket arena

Rocket Arena Is Out Today

Rocket Arena blasts onto screens today as EA sets its sights on dominating the online battle arena on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. After an initial reveal back in Jun 2020, EA has unleashed yet an...

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