Rockstar Games

GTA Online

GTA Online Offers Players BIG Rewards This Week

The latest update has been deployed for GTA Online. Once again, players are being offered some major rewards for participation across a number of events. We’ve got the full round-up of what̵...


More GTA VI Speculation Emerges – But Is There Plenty of Life Left in V?

With its compelling storylines, gripping action, and a great cast of characters, Grand Theft Auto is undoubtedly one of the most iconic video gaming franchises of all time. Anticipation for GTA VI has...


Epic Games Store is Giving Away GTAV

If you’re one of the great unwashed masses that still hasn’t gotten into Grand Theft Auto V, you definitely want to swing by the Epic Games Store. Epic is giving away a copy of Rockstar...

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Players Enjoy a Bevy of Bonuses This Week

This week is a big one for Red Dead Online players who like to leverage bonuses and discounts while playing their favorite shoot ’em up. Throughout the week, a number of bonuses are active as we...

GTA Casino

Tipping the Odds in Your Favor at the GTA Casino

When it was announced last July that the GTA5 Diamond Casino and Resort was, at last, going to open its doors, it created not a little excitement and anticipation. Them, when the big day arrived, play...

Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 to Land on Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass owners are in for a real treat when Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 lands on May 7th. As touted by the new blog on the site, RDR2 is the “winner of over 175 Game o...

Red Dead Online

New Showdown Maps Mosey into Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online players who are spoiling for a fight will definitely want to check in this week to try out four brand new Showdown maps in the Featured Series. Each map challenges players to take on o...


GTAO lets you get your zoom on with the Stryder

GTAO has been updated to bring a new and zippy ride into the game in the form of the three-wheeled Stryder. “Two is some. Three is best. Three wheels. Three figures on the speedometer. Three pou...

Red Dead online

Red Dead Online – Challenges, bonuses & discounts OH MY!

It’s another week for cowpokes in Red Dead Online and that means there are a number of nifty new things to take part in as well as some sweet discounts to leverage. Without further ado, let̵...

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