Rockstar Games

Red Dead Online

Moonshiners & Naturalists Score Big in Red Dead Online

This week, Red Dead Online seems to be taking a break from the Bounty Hunter goodness that has reigned for the last several weeks. Naturalists and Moonshiners take center stage and both have the oppor...

GTA Online

The Vapid Slamtruck Smashes Into GTA Online

GTA Online fans will doubtless find themselves with a case of the vapors when eyeballing the new Vapid Slamtruck that has just smashed its way into the game. This monster pile of steel and rubber is s...

GTA Online

Check Out the New Wheels Arriving in GTA Online This Week

There’s a new set of wheels coming to GTA Online this week. Players will be able to get their mitts on the brand new Maibatsu Manchez Scout from Warstock Cache and Carry. “Rugged, powerful...

Red Dead Online

Bounty Hunters Take Center Stage in Red Dead Online

It’s another big week for Red Dead Online and Bounty Hunters. There are some sweet, sweet bonuses available for all those who choose to track down some of the game’s most nefarious villain...

GTA Online

Weevils Invade GTA Online!

GTA Online has received its weekly update and it comes back with Weevils! No, not that kind, but players can get their hands on the BF Weevil, a midcentury car that’s perfect for sunshine-y days...

Red Dead Online

Lots of New Year Goodness Comes to Red Dead Online

It’s a new year and nothing says “happy” like diving back into Red Dead Online. This week, Rockstar is making it worth everyone’s while by providing players with a number of bo...

GTA Online

GTA Online Devs Detail The Music Locker

When GTA Online receives The Cayo Perico Heist update later this month, players will have an all-new feature to explore in The Music Locker. The Music Locker is a new location for players that is situ...

Red Dead Online

Bounty Hunter Role Expands in Red Dead Online

With this week’s update, Red Dead Online Bounty Hunters have even more to do and bigger challenges ahead of them. With the latest patch, those pursuing the Bounty Hunter role will have ten new P...

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Standalone Version Announced

Rockstar has some fantastic news for cowpokes lookin’ for some rootin’ tootin’ action against and in cooperation with others. Developers have announced that Red Dead Online will be s...

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