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GTA Online

Race Series pays out double rewards in GTA Online this week

If it’s Friday, it means it’s time for another round of GTA Online news. This week, there are a number of activities to take part in that can pay out some sweet, sweet rewards. First off t...

Red Dead Online

Legendary Bounties arrive in Red Dead Online

Players who enjoy a good game of cat and mouse will be pleased to hear that Rockstar has introduced legendary bounties in Red Dead Online. The first of 10 upcoming legendary bounties is now live and l...

GTA: San Andreas

Rockstar’s new Game Launcher includes a free copy of GTA: San Andreas

Rockstar has announced the release of its own Game Launcher for PC. Most excitingly, however, is that those who download and install the launcher will also receive GTA: San Andreas for free! According...

Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online – Meet the Benefactor

If you’ve been looking for a sweet new ride in Grand Theft Auto Online, look no further than the newly-added Benefactor. It’s a “visionary cross between a catwalk-ready supermodel an...

Red Dead Online Frontier Pursuits Trailer Shows Off Joys of Bounty Hunting

Red Dead Online: Frontier Pursuits Trailer Shows Off The Joys of Bounty Hunting

Frontier Pursuits is the latest update for Red Dead Online, scheduled to arrive on September 10th. It introduces a host of new paths and activities for players to pursue and deepens how players can in...

GTA Online

The new GTA Online Ocelot Locust doesn’t give a fig about safety

If it’s Friday, it’s time for the latest news about GTA Online. In this week’s edition, fans will learn about the awesomeness that is the Ocelot Locust sports car. Now available at L...

GTA Online

New cars, big bucks, & free t-shirts now in GTA Online

If you’ve not checked into GTA Online this week, it might be a good idea. Not only are there some sweet new rides to see and buy, but there are a number of ways to earn big GTA$ and a free t-shi...

Red Dead Online

It pays to check into Red Dead Online this week

Rockstar is making it hard to resist checking into Red Dead Online this week. Those who mosey on into the game will find a number of very lucrative ways to score big payouts. While being cagey about &...

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online – A Land of Opportunities Bonuses Detailed

Red Dead Online devs have detailed the bonuses provided this week in the game. Players can expect a range of discounts and bonuses this week, including 30% more RDO$ and XP for any completed A Land of...

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