A First Look at Revita

What do you get when you take a rogue-like, twin-stick shooter, add a touch of platforming, and then pepper in a psychological perspective on grief from Elizabeth Kübler-Ross? Yes, you read that right...

The Binding of Isaac Repentance Release Date Revealed

The Binding of Isaac: Repentance Release Date Revealed

The creators of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth have shared a new trailer for the upcoming DLC Repentance to reveal the release date. Repentance will arrive on PC on March 31st. “The team is quite...


Hades – Can You Dance Your Way Out of the Underworld?

In Hades, players are tasked to hack and slash their way out of the Underworld but this is so boring an approach. Instead, can you dance it out in style? Absolute mad lad PeekingBoo first beat the Hyd...

Hades Sold Over a Million Copies

The developers from Supergiant Games have taken to Twitter to reveal the exciting news that Roguelike Action Hades has now sold over a million copies. In Hades, you wield the powers and mythic weapons...

Gunfire Reborn Review

Gunfire Reborn Review for PC

You don’t see many first-person shooter (FPS) rogue-likes, so I approached Gunfire Reborn with some skepticism, about how it would work. Within the first run, you can instantly see the potential if yo...

8 Great

Monster Train Review: Start Train-ing Now

Every now and then a game comes out of left field that surprises you in ways you didn’t know you wanted to be surprised. Shiny Shoe, the developer behind the deck-building strategy game Monster ...

9 Amazing
Sin Slayers Switch Banner

Sin Slayers Enhanced Edition Quick Hit Review

Some days it seems like the Nintendo Switch was made for role-playing games (RPGs) “on-the-go”. Developers Goonswarm and publisher Black Tower Games hope that you’ll consider their p...


Dread Nautical Sets Sail For Horror April 2020

Dread Nautical is coming to PC and Console next month and this horror themed strategy RPG is set to shiver yer timbers. Firmly docked in Zen Studio’s port, Dread Nautical4 is a different twist on the ...

Warlander Review

Warlander Review for PC

Clock Drive Games has created a rogue-like game where you play as the resurrected warrior Bruce. The opening, while short, does a good job of capturing the player’s attention. The ye old typical trope...

6 Fair

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