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A Girl Named Zelda

A Girl Named Zelda

I had a comfortable mundane life once. In that life, I had things. Nothing special compared to other things but special in that they were mine, they belonged in my life. They were nice regular person ...

Planescape Torment

Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition Gives a Classic New Life

Planescape Torment is seen by many players as one of the finest RPGs ever made. Thanks to today’s release of an Enhanced Edition, a new generation of players can check it out. Planescape Torment...

Knights of the Old Republic

Knights of the Old Republic Rumored to be in Production at BioWare

What would you give for an updated or brand new Knights of the Old Republic? You may soon get to find out if the rumors are true. Industry insider Liam Robertson has reportedly uncovered information t...

Inner Chains

Inner Chains Release Date Revealed, New Cinematic Trailer Arrives

Inner Chains will be launching on April 20th to the delight of horror-themed FPS fans everywhere. To celebrate the big news, a brand new cinematic trailer is fresh for the viewing. Breaking Inner Chai...

Fighting Fantasy

Fighting Fantasy Legends Teased in Oh So Brief Video

Fighting Fantasy fans will be thrilled to hear that their favorite “role playing game books” are coming to life in “Legends” from Nomad Games! The team made the surprise announ...

Dragon Quest Heroes II

Dragon Quest Heroes II Launching April 25th

Square Enix has thrilled millions of fans with today’s Dragon Quest Heroes II announcement. Players will be able to get hands on the title via Steam and PlayStation 4 in April. The PC Steam vers...

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